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As I sang in different bands I wrote out the lyrics to learn them.  Before the internet the only way to get the lyrics were to hope they were on the jacket of album, other than that it was a process of sitting down and listening over and over to the parts and hoping that you could pick out the lyrics.

After all these years I still do it the same way.  Although now I can make sure the lyrics are correct via the internet.

I realized that the way I wrote out lyrics is different than all the other lyric websites out there, so I offer scanned pictures of all the lyrics I ever did.  Some of the words are wrong I am sure.  You may also notice lines and guide notes that told me while I was singing them how certain sections went.  You may look at this stuff and wonder what the hell I was thinking, but it worked for me.  And good luck reading my handwriting :)

Each page is 8.5x11 and can be printed.  And I offer all this free of pop-ups!

If you too wrote out your lyrics like this and you would like to submit them in this format scan them at 75 DPI - GRAYSCALE and send them to

To Use the Find below type in a keyword and press find, it will go to the first found.
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lyrics/aint my bitch metallica.JPG

lyrics/aint talkin bout love van halen.JPG

lyrics/alive pearl jam.JPG

lyrics/all along the watchtower jimmy hendrix.JPG

lyrics/all mixed up 311.JPG
lyrics/all mixed up 311a.JPG

lyrics/all my life foo fighters.JPG

lyrics/all star smash mouth.JPG

lyrics/american girl tom petty.JPG

lyrics/american idiot greenday.JPG

lyrics/american pie don mclean.JPG
lyrics/american pie don mcleana.JPG
lyrics/american pie don mcleanb.JPG

lyrics/anthem good charlotte.JPG

lyrics/anybody listening queensryche.JPG

lyrics/are you feeling all right joe cocker.JPG

lyrics/are you gonna be my girl jett.JPG

lyrics/are you gonna go my way lenny kravitz.JPG

lyrics/authority song john cougar mellencamp.JPG

lyrics/awake godsmack.JPG

lyrics/Baby please dont go van morrison.JPG

lyrics/back in black acdc.JPG

lyrics/bad habit offspring.JPG

lyrics/bad so let it go u2.JPG

lyrics/banditios refreshments.JPG

lyrics/basketcase greenday.JPG

lyrics/beautiful people marilyn manson.JPG

lyrics/beds are burning midnight oil.JPG

lyrics/been caught stealin janes addiction.JPG

lyrics/beer goggles smash mouth.JPG

lyrics/best friend candlebox.JPG
lyrics/best friend candleboxa.JPG

lyrics/Beverly Hills weezer.JPG

lyrics/bittersweet symphony verve.JPG

lyrics/black coat white shoes rancid.JPG

lyrics/black dog led zeppelin.JPG
lyrics/black dog led zeppelina.JPG

lyrics/black hole sun soundgarden.JPG
lyrics/black hole sun soundgardena.JPG

lyrics/blister in the sun violent femmes.JPG

lyrics/bodies hit the floor drowning pool.JPG

lyrics/booty street sugar tooth.JPG

lyrics/born to be wild steppenwolf.JPG

lyrics/boys of summer don henley.JPG

lyrics/break it to me gently loverboy.JPG
lyrics/break it to me gently loverboya.JPG

lyrics/break on thru doors.JPG

lyrics/breakin the chains dokken.JPG
lyrics/breakin the chains dokkena.JPG

lyrics/breakin the law judas priest.JPG

lyrics/breed nirvana.JPG

lyrics/build me up buttercup busted.JPG

lyrics/bullet in the head rage against the machine.JPG

lyrics/bulls on parade rage against the machine.JPG

lyrics/california dreaming mamas and papas.JPG

lyrics/can i graduate third eye blind.JPG
lyrics/can i graduate third eye blinda.JPG

lyrics/cannonbal breeders.JPG

lyrics/cant find a better man pearl jam.JPG

lyrics/cant get enough of your love bad company.JPG

lyrics/centerfold j giels.JPG
lyrics/centerfold j gielsa.JPG

lyrics/chalkdust phish.JPG

lyrics/charlie browns parents dishwalla.JPG

lyrics/churub rock smashing pumpkins.JPG

lyrics/clocks coldplay.JPG

lyrics/cocaine eric clapton.JPG

lyrics/cold gin kiss.JPG

lyrics/cold hard bitch jet.JPG

lyrics/come out and play offspring.JPG

lyrics/come together beatles.JPG

lyrics/comfortably numb pink floyd.JPG
lyrics/comfortably numb pink floyda.JPG

lyrics/common eileen dexys midnight runners.JPG

lyrics/courderoy pearl jam.JPG
lyrics/courderoy pearl jama.JPG

lyrics/crazy bitch buckcherry.JPG

lyrics/crazy train ozzy.JPG
lyrics/crazy train ozzya.JPG

lyrics/crocodile rock elton john.JPG

lyrics/cry touch poison.JPG

lyrics/cult of personality living colour.JPG

lyrics/dammit growing up blink 182.JPG

lyrics/dancing with myself billy idol.JPG
lyrics/dancing with myself billy idola.JPG

lyrics/dirty little secrets all american rejects.JPG

lyrics/disciples of hell yngwei malmsteen.JPG

lyrics/divine thing soup dragons.JPG

lyrics/do right jimmys chicken shack.JPG

lyrics/Don't be Cruel Elvis.JPG
lyrics/Don't be Cruel Elvisa.JPG

lyrics/dont get fooled again the who.JPG
lyrics/dont get fooled again the whoa.JPG

lyrics/dont go away motley crue.JPG
lyrics/dont go away motley cruea.JPG

lyrics/dont tell me you love me night ranger.JPG

lyrics/dont you forget about me simple minds.JPG

lyrics/down boys warrent.JPG
lyrics/down boys warrenta.JPG

lyrics/duck and run three doors down.JPG

lyrics/dyer maker led zeppelin.JPG

lyrics/ecstasy rusted root.JPG

lyrics/edge of a broken heart bon jovi.JPG
lyrics/edge of a broken heart bon jovia.JPG

lyrics/enter sandman metallica.JPG

lyrics/escape pina colata rupert homes.JPG

lyrics/evenflow pearl jam.JPG

lyrics/everlong foo fighters.JPG

lyrics/every rose has its thorn poison.JPG
lyrics/every rose has its thorn poisona.JPG

lyrics/everything zen bush.JPG

lyrics/F autority pennywise.JPG

lyrics/fallen angel poison.JPG
lyrics/fallen angel poisona.JPG

lyrics/faries wear boots ozzy black sabbath.JPG

lyrics/fat lip sum41.JPG
lyrics/fat lip sum41a.JPG

lyrics/fight for your right to party beastie boys.JPG

lyrics/flagpole sitta harvey danger.JPG

lyrics/flavor of the week american hifi.JPG

lyrics/flesh for fantasy billy idol.JPG

lyrics/fly sugar ray.JPG

lyrics/for whom the bell tolls metallica.JPG

lyrics/fortunate son ccr.JPG

lyrics/found out about you gin blossems.JPG

lyrics/freak silverchair.JPG

lyrics/freeze frame j giels.JPG

lyrics/friday im in love cure.JPG

lyrics/gel collective soul.JPG

lyrics/get a haircut george thorogood.JPG

lyrics/gimme some lovin spencer davis.JPG

lyrics/girl all the bad guys want bowling for soup.JPG
lyrics/girl all the bad guys want bowling for soupa.JPG

lyrics/Girl Like you 2.JPG

lyrics/girl like you smithereens.JPG
lyrics/girl like you smithereensa.JPG

lyrics/Girl Like you.JPG

lyrics/girlfriend mathew sweet.JPG

lyrics/give it away now red hot chilli peppers.JPG

lyrics/give it to me good trixter.JPG

lyrics/glorified g pearl jam.JPG

lyrics/go pearl jam.JPG

lyrics/go your own way fleetwood mac.JPG

lyrics/good times inxs.JPG
lyrics/good times inxsa.JPG

lyrics/got the time joe jackson anthrax.JPG

lyrics/got you flys.JPG

lyrics/greedy fly bush.JPG

lyrics/gump wierd al.JPG

lyrics/gypsy road cinderella.JPG
lyrics/gypsy road cinderellaa.JPG

lyrics/hang on to yourself david bowie.JPG

lyrics/hard to handle black crowes.JPG
lyrics/hard to handle black crowesa.JPG

lyrics/hate everything about you ugly kid joe.JPG
lyrics/hate everything about you ugly kid joea.JPG

lyrics/head like a hole nine inch nails nin.JPG

lyrics/headstrong trapt.JPG

lyrics/heavy collective soul.JPG

lyrics/here in this diary ataris.JPG

lyrics/hey man nice shot filter.JPG

lyrics/hichen a ride greenday.JPG

lyrics/high jimmys chicken shack.JPG

lyrics/higher creed.JPG

lyrics/higher ground red hot chilli peppers.JPG

lyrics/hold on loosely 38 special.JPG
lyrics/hold on loosely 38 speciala.JPG

lyrics/holiday greenday.JPG

lyrics/hot for teacher van halen.JPG

lyrics/how i think.JPG

lyrics/hungry like the wolf duran.JPG

lyrics/hush deep purple.JPG

lyrics/hysteria def leppard.JPG
lyrics/hysteria def lepparda.JPG

lyrics/i cant fight this feeling anymore reo speedwagon.JPG

lyrics/i choose offspring.JPG
lyrics/i choose offspringa.JPG

lyrics/i do j giels.JPG

lyrics/i don't know ozzy.JPG

lyrics/i feel good james brown.JPG

lyrics/i wanna be sedated ramones.JPG

lyrics/i want you back jackson 5.JPG

lyrics/i want you to want me cheaptrick.JPG

lyrics/i was made for loving you kiss.JPG

lyrics/i will follow u2.JPG

lyrics/ill stick around foo fighters.JPG

lyrics/im a believer monkees smash mouth.JPG

lyrics/im not your man tommy conwell.JPG
lyrics/im not your man tommy conwella.JPG

lyrics/in bloom nirvana.JPG

lyrics/in the end greenday.JPG

lyrics/in the flesh pink floyd.JPG

lyrics/innerstate love song stp.JPG

lyrics/inside out eve 6.JPG

lyrics/its been one week barenaked ladies.JPG
lyrics/its been one week barenaked ladiesa.JPG

lyrics/its the end of the world rem.JPG
lyrics/its the end of the world rema.JPG
lyrics/its the end of the world remb.JPG

lyrics/its tricky bloodhound gang.JPG
lyrics/its tricky bloodhound ganga.JPG

lyrics/jane says janes addiction.JPG
lyrics/jane says janes addictiona.JPG

lyrics/jealous again black crowes.JPG

lyrics/jenny 8675309 tommy tutone.JPG

lyrics/jesus built my hotrod ministry.JPG
lyrics/jesus built my hotrod ministrya.JPG

lyrics/jesus or a gun fuel.JPG

lyrics/jet airliner steve miller.JPG
lyrics/jet airliner steve millera.JPG

lyrics/jet city woman queensryche.JPG
lyrics/jet city woman queensrychea.JPG

lyrics/johnny b good chuck berry.JPG

lyrics/jumper third eye blind.JPG

lyrics/just like heaven cure.JPG
lyrics/just like heaven curea.JPG

lyrics/keep em separated offsping.JPG

lyrics/keep on rockin in the free world neil young.JPG

lyrics/killin in the name of rage against the machine.JPG

lyrics/kinder words mighty bosstones.JPG

lyrics/laid james.JPG

lyrics/last resort papa roach.JPG

lyrics/late in the evening simon and garfunkle.JPG

lyrics/learn to fly foo fighters.JPG

lyrics/Let it go Def Leppard.JPG
lyrics/Let it go Def Lepparda.JPG

lyrics/lets go cars.JPG

lyrics/lets go crazy prince.JPG
lyrics/lets go crazy princea.JPG

lyrics/life goes on poison.JPG

lyrics/life is a highway tommy cochrane.JPG
lyrics/life is a highway tommy cochranea.JPG

lyrics/lifestyles of the rich and famous good charlotte.JPG

lyrics/like the way i do melissa etheridge.JPG

lyrics/likinis juice live.JPG

lyrics/listen to her heart tom petty.JPG

lyrics/little miss cant be wrong spin doctors.JPG
lyrics/little miss cant be wrong spin doctorsa.JPG

lyrics/live and let die guns n roses.JPG

lyrics/live wire motley crue.JPG
lyrics/live wire motley cruea.JPG

lyrics/Livin on a Prayer bon jovi.JPG

lyrics/living after midnight judas priest.JPG

lyrics/lola kinks.JPG
lyrics/lola kinksa.JPG

lyrics/long way down goo goo dolls.JPG

lyrics/longview greenday.JPG
lyrics/longview greendaya.JPG

lyrics/lose your love outfield.JPG

lyrics/love her madly doors.JPG

lyrics/love me two times doors.JPG

lyrics/love on the rocks poison.JPG

lyrics/love stinks j giels.JPG

lyrics/lucy in the sky with diamonds beatles.JPG

lyrics/lump presidents of the usa.JPG

lyrics/machine head bush.JPG

lyrics/magic carpet ride stepenwolf.JPG

lyrics/man in the box alice in chains.JPG

lyrics/manic depression jimmy hendricks.JPG

lyrics/march of the pigs nine inch nails.JPG

lyrics/marrakesh express crosby stills nash.JPG

lyrics/me and julio simon and garfunkle.JPG

lyrics/melt with you modern english.JPG

lyrics/Merry go round motley crue.JPG

lyrics/message in a bottle sting police.JPG

lyrics/midnight rider allman brothers.JPG

lyrics/misery loves company junkyard.JPG
lyrics/misery loves company junkyarda.JPG

lyrics/miss you rolling stones.JPG
lyrics/miss you rolling stones a.JPG

lyrics/misty mountain hop led zepplin.JPG
lyrics/misty mountain hop led zepplina.JPG

lyrics/monkey wrench foo fighters.JPG

lyrics/monster mash bobby pickett.JPG
lyrics/monster mash bobby picketta.JPG

lyrics/mother danzig.JPG

lyrics/mr brightside killers.JPG

lyrics/mr tambourine man bob dylan.JPG

lyrics/mrs robinson simon and garfunkel.JPG

lyrics/my friends over you new found glory.JPG

lyrics/my sharona knack.JPG

lyrics/mysterious ways u2.JPG

lyrics/never again nickelback.JPG

lyrics/new age girl dead eye dick.JPG

lyrics/new sensation inxs.JPG
lyrics/new sensation inxsa.JPG

lyrics/no big thing lit.JPG

lyrics/no excuses alice n chains.JPG

lyrics/not your stepping stone monkeys.JPG

lyrics/nothin but a good time poison.JPG
lyrics/nothin but a good time poisona.JPG

lyrics/notorious duran.JPG

lyrics/ocean avenue yellowcard.JPG

lyrics/olympia rancid.JPG

lyrics/once bitten twice shy great white.JPG

lyrics/once bitten twice shy great whitea.JPG

lyrics/one creed.JPG

lyrics/one i love rem.JPG

lyrics/one in a million trixter.JPG

lyrics/one u2.JPG

lyrics/one way or another blondie.JPG
lyrics/one way or another blondiea.JPG

lyrics/only the good die young billy joel.JPG

lyrics/own worst enemy lit.JPG

lyrics/pain jimmy eat world.JPG

lyrics/painted black rolling stones.JPG

lyrics/panama van halen.JPG

lyrics/paralyzer finger 11.JPG

lyrics/paranoid ozzy black sabbeth.JPG
lyrics/paranoid ozzy black sabbetha.JPG

lyrics/patience guns n roses.JPG
lyrics/patience guns and roses a.JPG

lyrics/peace love and understanding elvis costello.JPG

lyrics/people are strange doors.JPG

lyrics/playmate of the year zebrahead.JPG

lyrics/plowed sponge.JPG

lyrics/plush stp.JPG

lyrics/poem taproot.JPG

lyrics/pressure billy joel.JPG

lyrics/pride u2.JPG

lyrics/pump it up elvis costello.JPG

lyrics/punk rock 101 bowling for soup.JPG

lyrics/radar love golden earing.JPG

lyrics/radar love golden earinga.JPG

lyrics/rape me nirvana.JPG

lyrics/rats pearl jam.JPG

lyrics/real thing u2.JPG

lyrics/real world matchbox twenty.JPG

lyrics/Rebel Yell billy idol.JPG

lyrics/remedy seether.JPG

lyrics/revolution beatles.JPG
lyrics/revolution beatlesa.JPG

lyrics/ride on acdc.JPG
lyrics/ride on acdc a.JPG

lyrics/right now sr71.JPG

lyrics/rio duran.JPG

lyrics/rock and roll led zeppelin.JPG

lyrics/rock and roll all night kiss.JPG

lyrics/rock lobster b52s.JPG
lyrics/rock lobster b52sa.JPG

lyrics/rock show blink 182.JPG

lyrics/rock this town stray cats.JPG
lyrics/rock this town stray catsa.JPG

lyrics/rock you like a hurricane scorpions.JPG

lyrics/rolling stoned great white.JPG

lyrics/run like hell pink floyd.JPG

lyrics/run runaway slade.JPG

lyrics/run to you brian adams.JPG

lyrics/safety dance men without hats.JPG

lyrics/saint jimmy greenday.JPG

lyrics/same old situation aerosmith.JPG

lyrics/scars papa roach.JPG

lyrics/scotty doesnt know lustra.JPG

lyrics/screamager therapy.JPG

lyrics/seek and destroy metallica.JPG

lyrics/self esteem offspring.JPG
lyrics/self esteem offspringa.JPG

lyrics/selling the drama live.JPG

lyrics/semicharmed kinda life third eye blind.JPG
lyrics/semicharmed kinda life third eye blinda.JPG

lyrics/seven army nation white stripes.JPG

lyrics/sex and candy marcys playground.JPG
lyrics/sex and candy marcys playgrounda.JPG

lyrics/sex type thing stone temple pilots.JPG

lyrics/shake it up cars.JPG

lyrics/she greenday.JPG

lyrics/she hates me puddle of mudd.JPG

lyrics/shimmer fuel.JPG

lyrics/shine collective soul.JPG

lyrics/should i stay or go clash.JPG
lyrics/should i stay or go clasha.JPG

lyrics/silent lucidity queensryche.JPG

lyrics/sister havana urge overkill.JPG

lyrics/slide goo goo dolls.JPG

lyrics/slide it in whitesnake.JPG

lyrics/slither velvet revolver.JPG

lyrics/slow ride foghat.JPG

lyrics/smells like teen spirit nirvana.JPG

lyrics/smokin in the boys room motley crue.JPG

lyrics/smooth criminal micheal jackson.JPG

lyrics/so happy together turtles.JPG

lyrics/sober tool.JPG

lyrics/some kind of wonderful grand funk railroad.JPG

lyrics/somebody to love jefferson airplane.JPG

lyrics/somebody told me killers.JPG

lyrics/something i should know duran.JPG

lyrics/song 2 blur.JPG

lyrics/sound of silence siman and garfunkl.JPG

lyrics/spin me round dead or alive.JPG

lyrics/spoonman soundgarden.JPG

lyrics/stacys mom fountains of wayne.JPG

lyrics/stand in the place rem.JPG

lyrics/starseed our lady peace.JPG

lyrics/steam peter gabriel.JPG

lyrics/steam peter gabriela.JPG

lyrics/still rock n roll to me billy joel.JPG
lyrics/still rock n roll to me billy joela.JPG

lyrics/stinkfist tool.JPG
lyrics/stinkfist toola.JPG

lyrics/stone in love journey.JPG
lyrics/stone in love journeya.JPG

lyrics/stranger by the day shades apart.JPG

lyrics/stuck in the middle with you stealers wheel.JPG

lyrics/stupify disturbed.JPG

lyrics/suck my kiss red hot chilli peppers.JPG

lyrics/sugar going down fall out boy.JPG

lyrics/summer of 69 brian adams.JPG

lyrics/surrender cheap trick.JPG

lyrics/suzi extreme.JPG

lyrics/tainted love soft cell.JPG

lyrics/take these chains judas priest.JPG

lyrics/takin care of business bachman turner overdrive.JPG

lyrics/talk dirty to me poison.JPG

lyrics/talk to you later tubes.JPG

lyrics/ten seconds to love motley crue.JPG
lyrics/ten seconds to love motley cruea.JPG

lyrics/that dont satisfy me brother cane.JPG
lyrics/that dont satisfy me brother canea.JPG

lyrics/the middle jimmy eat world.JPG

lyrics/the trooper iron maiden.JPG

lyrics/the way fastball.JPG

lyrics/tom sawyer rush.JPG

lyrics/toys in the attic aerosmith.JPG

lyrics/train in vain clash.JPG

lyrics/truth seether.JPG

lyrics/tubthumping humbawamba.JPG

lyrics/turning japanese vapor.JPG

lyrics/tush zztop.JPG

lyrics/twist and shout beatles.JPG

lyrics/two hearts u2.JPG

lyrics/unbelievable emf.JPG
lyrics/unbelievable emfa.JPG

lyrics/unglued stone temple pilots.JPG

lyrics/vasoline stone temple pilots.JPG

lyrics/Vertigo u2.JPG

lyrics/wait white lion.JPG

lyrics/walk this way aerosmith.JPG

lyrics/walking contridiction greenday.JPG

lyrics/walking in the sun smash mouth.JPG
lyrics/walking in the sun smash moutha.JPG

lyrics/want somebody to shove soul asylum.JPG

lyrics/wanted dead or alive bon jovi.JPG

lyrics/waxed ecstatic sponge.JPG

lyrics/welcome to paradise greenday.JPG

lyrics/welcome to the jungle guns n roses.JPG
lyrics/welcome to the jungle guns n rosesa.JPG

lyrics/what i got sublime.JPG

lyrics/what i like about you romantics.JPG
lyrics/what i like about you romanticsa.JPG

lyrics/whats my age again blink 182.JPG

lyrics/when love comes to town u2.JPG
lyrics/when love comes to town u2a.JPG

lyrics/when the children cry white lion.JPG

lyrics/whip it devo.JPG

lyrics/white lines duran.JPG

lyrics/white room cream.JPG

lyrics/who was in my room butthole surfers.JPG

lyrics/whole hearted extreme.JPG

lyrics/wishing you were here pink floyd.JPG

lyrics/would alica in chains.JPG

lyrics/wrong way sublime.JPG
lyrics/wrong way sublimea.JPG

lyrics/You give love a bad name bon jovi.JPG

lyrics/you really got me van halen.JPG

lyrics/your in love ratt.JPG

lyrics/you're all i have snow patrol.JPG

lyrics/youve got another thing comming judas priest.JPG
lyrics/youve got another thing comming judas priesta.JPG

lyrics/zero smashing pumpkins.JPG


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